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Angelo news! (karyu and giru)

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Karyu and Giru will be featured on the next release of glare guitar school: vol.5! which releases in 11.19

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FEST VAINQUEUR, NIGHTMARE, Sadie, ν[NEU], THE KIDDIE, DaizyStripper, BugLug and Plastic Tree performing at the live event【little HEARTS. 6th Anniversary「MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.6」】held at Zepp Tokyo on Oct. 18th, 2014.

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Sadie’s fashion game is so strong…

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Mao the dangerous driver

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  • Q: What do you think of kirito's stage performance when he's spinning.
  • Karyu: Very cool.
  • Q: Karyu, you spin too?
  • Kirito: Yes, but with his guitar, so it's very dangerous to come closer to him, every time i get closer to him i'll do something to let him know, "i'm here!" so that he won't hit me. because hizumi got hit before!

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